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e r g o n o m i c   s t u d i o   d e s i g n

t h a n k s   t o   a   g r a n t   f r o m

My goal with this grant was to design a more physically ergonomic studio space that will work to prevent the development of repetitive strain injuries and reduce the chance of workspace-body injury over the course of my artistic career. This was be achieved through physical changes to the design of my studio space as well as through the use of protective devices.


Bellow are some of the improvements I was able to make to my studio thansk to cerf+. Not listed, but also provided by the grant are: adjustable task lighting (additional studio lighting that can be re-directed as needed to reduce eye & neck strain), a step-stool (to prevent lower back strain when loading & unloading kilns), & dollies (so that anything over 20 lbs can be easily moved without risk of injury).

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